Why we exist: fundamental beliefs behind P+

We exist because, despite a significant rise in GDP in most countries over the last century, just 17% of the world’s population can be considered to be ‘flourishing’ at the moment.

Why organisations?

We believe that organisations are key players in society and influence many people’s lives. Real changes in the world should therefore include serious changes in the way we work with each other. The heart of this matter is to re- connect organisations to purpose (e.g. ’meaningful business’, with ‘meaning makers’ as leaders), in order to create organisations that are truly fitting for human beings, and help them solve the challenges we face as a species in the 21st century.

What we commit to do

1. We commit to putting long-term meaning first at all times, because we intend to be a role model for meaningful business paradigm. We value purpose over profit in our success definition, transfer 10% of annual profits to charity projects, and ask all employees to write a personal ‘meaning maker story’.

2. We choose to view people – and their actions and intentions – in a positive light, even when we’re treated unfairly ourselves.

3. We work strengths-based. We do this by building strengths-based teams for projects, and by maintaining a ‘tough love’ strengths-based feedback culture internally.

4. We choose to lead innovation proactively, rather than following it. We re-design the company every year, and different hubs are allowed to innovate independently.

5. We choose to share all information on the nature of positive organisations openly. We do not use intellectual property, and provide all our clients with all our materials when asked for.

In short, we will create a role model for a business that’s truly meaningful – with the science of well-being at the heart of how we work. We aspire to be a source of happiness for those around us while remaining inspired and happy ourselves.