Building Positive Organizations - A pragmatic guide to helping people and organizations flourish

We’re proud to present our first book, ‘Building Positive Organisations’. We have put a lot of hard work into it, and hope you will find it valuable for yourself and your organisation!

The author of the book, Rens ter Weijde, has written the book with the idea of making the materials and techniques inside the book entirely open (so feel free to share this book with anyone you like!), hoping it will lead to innovation in the area of purpose-driven and positive organisations.

Feel free to provide us with feedback, or experiences with the techniques inside the book through, we’d love to hear from you!

Team P+

Building Positive Organisations (PDF)

Building Positive Organisations (EPUB)

Successful 21st Century organisations have embedded positive psychology practices in their DNA and thrive on people who are flourishing. This book is a terrific 'how-to' manual for building positive organizations. The chapters introduce key themes and provide rich techniques which help people to become masters of the different concepts. An exciting book to read.

— Nick van Dam, Chief Global Learning Officer, McKinsey & Company

Rens ter Weijde is a person with a high degree of positive energy which he combines with a deep scientific knowledge on happiness. I experienced Rens working with diverse cross cultural teams on happiness and team building with extraordinary positive results achieved in a very short time. His book "Building Positive Organizations" gives a profound overview about scientific research on happiness and offers multiple methods and links on how to scale happiness with teams and in organizations towards a sustainable world.

— Alfred Tolle, Director LCS Nordics at Google

This book bridges the gap between science and practice when it comes to building positive, meaningful organizations. I wouldn't be surprised if it radically shifts the perspective of many corporate leaders today. Like purpose, this isn’t a book that’s “nice to have” it’s a must.

— Jenn Lim, CEO Delivering Happiness

The world needs around 20 iconic leaders as front runners the next 3-5 years to be able to move to the new desired business paradigm of positivism and true purpose. With this book Rens proves that he is one of them.

— Bert van Dam, former CEO Retail Europe of Phonehouse, current CEO MultiplyHappiness