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After a talk on Radical Optimism last week in Stockholm where I explained that the the world is better off today than we tend to believe (the presentation you can find here, video will be online soon), I was surprised by some of the responses I got. Apparently my optimism was not shared by all of the listeners; some of which told me that ‘optimism is what got us in trouble in the first place’. Optimism apparently is not the status quo.

Therefore, let me go a bit further in this week’s post; highlighting that whether we choose to view life from an optimistic point of view is up to us entirely. Alghough it can be argued that both optimistic and pessimistic views are correct in their own way, research shows clearly that the optimistic view leads to better (and more fun) output in life or business. As people, we can consciously choose to do good, and it helps if we’re willing to view the world  through a lens of abundance at times. Through this lens we can build the positive organisations we so desire: organisations with a real purpose, with high engagement scores, and with a positive legacy to leave behind.

So, here’s another (entirely shareable) document on ‘Doing Good’; highlighting why it’s valuable to companies to have their employees experience purpose at work, that ‘giving’ is not limited to rich people or organisations, and that kindness is trainable. It also lists companies that are doing best on a compound ‘ethical score’ – leading the way forward in the field.

Ethical Companies

Warmly, wishing you a thought-filled and productive day,


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