Towards a truly human-centred culture.

To thrive in today’s competitive, increasingly digital, environment, organisations can stand out by building a truly human-centred culture. A human-centred culture combines both the need for high performance, with the need for high levels of well-being of its employees, and iteratively constructs both dimensions over time. Organizations that succeed in building such a culture see higher levels of employee productivity, high levels of engagement, lower levels of absenteeism and easier access to talent in the market. For more information, request a detailed business case conversation here, or download the short version here.

We can support you through the following projects.

  • Design human-centred KPIs that cover both dimensions of performance and well-being
  • Deliver workshops on positive psychology and corporate culture (request example)
  • Develop/deliver talent development journeys (request case)
  • Develop/deliver management development journeys (request case)
  • Develop on-boarding journeys (request case)

All of our work is tailored to client needs, but our general approach and philosophy around human-centred cultures have been documented extensively in the book Building Positive Organizations (2015). The book is available for free on our website.

For more information or project requests, reach out to us at

“Rens is the consummate business consulting professional with expertise in and passion for the work that he does. Excellent facilitator and strategist.”

— Evelyn Doyle, Patagonia Europe

“Rens (founder P+) has systematically and effectively implemented the best of positive psychology in a number of settings, from elite sports to corporate teams. My hope is that many more will benefit from his important work in the future.”

— Tal Ben-Shahar, Harvard

“A workshop like this should be in any university curriculum, especially in a demanding environment like Oxford.”

— Matthijs Vakar, President of the Clarendon Scholars' Council, Oxford