Only 17% of the human population is flourishing, living a happy and meaningful life…

…we help organisations embed the science of well-being and purpose in their work…

…creating a network of purpose-driven catalysts for a flourishing world.

World Progression Dashboard

We believe organisations of the future will aim to be Purpose+Profit companies: companies that do good and aim to be profitable at the same time. To support this transition, we have designed a dashboard for the world where all the critical indicators can be easily explored, and used for corporate decision making.

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“Rens is the most sought-after expert in his field among my clients. His innovative methods are grounded in the latest scientific research and are consequently tailored to the specific needs of individuals in order to help them achieve their aspirations.”

— Kayvan Kian, Engagement Manager McKinsey & Company

“Rens (founder P+) has systematically and effectively implemented the best of positive psychology in a number of settings, from elite sports to corporate teams. My hope is that many more will benefit from his important work in the future.”

— Tal Ben-Shahar, Happiness Course, Harvard

“A workshop like this should be in any university curriculum, especially in a demanding environment like Oxford.”

— Matthijs Vakar, President of the Clarendon Scholars' Council, Oxford

“I got to know the Purpose+ team in late 2015 and started partnering with Rens on some organizational design and development needs within Patagonia Europe.

Rens is the consummate business consulting professional with expertise in and passion for the work that he does. Excellent facilitator and strategist. As a consultant he really listens and is focused on delivering quality consulting through really trying to understand your needs and the culture you operate in. It helps that Rens is also a passionate outdoors person, great fun to work with and that Purpose+ has an affinity for our company mission and values. I would have no hesitation in recommending Purpose+ to any organization seeking professional organizational design and development support. ”

— Evelyn Doyle, Patagonia Europe


6000 People trained in positive psychology

5000 Free well-being questionnaires delivered

3000 Flourish workshops delivered

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#1 Most popular course at UvA Honours

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