In an increasingly transparent world, we believe the top tier organisations will combine doing good with making a profit.  This we call a Purpose+Profit Strategy, where creating shared value is the new normal.

In a world that’s increasingly transparent to both B2B clients and consumers, we believe successful organisations of the future will consciously design purpose-driven value chains that clarify stakeholder impact. In our view, purpose-driven strategies will go beyond CSR departments; instead we see a world where the organisational purpose will be the starting point to navigate strategic dilemmas, and where employees see themselves as meaning makers.

Organizations that combine Purpose+Profit successfully will reap many benefits: they will attract and retain the best talent, find ways to truly engage their employees, see higher levels of performance, stimulate innovation and see their brands admired by both customers and suppliers.

Purpose+ provides the following services to design a Purpose+Profit Strategy:

  • Off-sites that align topteams around organisational purpose, values and strategy
  • Consultancy support to co-design an effective Purpose+Profit strategy
  • Design of transformation programmes to reach the identified strategic goals

All our programmes are designed on an individual basis. For inquiries contact us via

“Rens (founder P+) has systematically and effectively implemented the best of positive psychology in a number of settings, from elite sports to corporate teams. My hope is that many more will benefit from his important work in the future.”

— Tal Ben-Shahar, Harvard

“A workshop like this should be in any university curriculum, especially in a demanding environment like Oxford.”

— Matthijs Vakar, President of the Clarendon Scholars' Council, Oxford

“Rens is the consummate business consulting professional with expertise in and passion for the work that he does. Excellent facilitator and strategist.”

— Evelyn Doyle, Patagonia Europe